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24 Days of Giving: Days 9-13

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  • 24 Days of Giving, Day 23-24
    For day 23, we donated to Lifesong for Orphans to feed the boys in a boys home in Bolivia for one week! For day 24, we invited someone who is lonely this Christmas to a Christmas Eve service with us and over to our house to make dumplings on Christmas afternoon!  She is from China … Continue reading →
  • 24 Days of Giving: Days 20-22
    For day 20, we left a Chick-Fil-A gift card and note in our mailbox for our mailman.  We got to peek out the window and watch him get it, which was so fun for the children to do! For day 21, we donated to Project Hopeful by purchasing things like mattresses for orphans, goats, a … Continue reading →
  • 24 Days of Giving, Days 14-19
    For day 14, we took 4 big sub sandwiches to our local firestation. We thought it would be a big hit with the firemen but God love their hearts, they were more concerned about giving us hats and stickers and letting the children climb in their firetruck and ring their bell. I think they gave … Continue reading →
  • 24 Days of Giving: Days 9-13
    Day 9 & 10. For day 9 we mailed a card and Wal-Mart gift card to a widow, a very special widow! For day 10 we mailed a card and gas gift card to a single mom, a very sweet single mom. We hope they both feel the love this Christmas and are reminded of … Continue reading →
  • 24 Days of Giving Day Five Thru Eight
    Day 5 was a flop. We attempted to bake cookies to deliver but they turned out hard and over-baked. Oops. So we tried again this morning and made cinnamon rolls right from the tube (Thank you Immaculate Baking Company!) We snuck down the street and left them at a friend’s door who lost her sweet … Continue reading →
  • 24 Days of Giving
    I’ve been chronicling our December activities but hadn’t yet shared here.  Let me get you caught up on what we’ve been up to the past few days! I’m so excited it’s December 1st! Eeek! Today begins our family tradition of our Giving Calendar! We’re beyond excited!! For our Advent every year, we do 25 days … Continue reading →

Day 9 & 10. For day 9 we mailed a card and Wal-Mart gift card to a widow, a very special widow! For day 10 we mailed a card and gas gift card to a single mom, a very sweet single mom. We hope they both feel the love this Christmas and are reminded of God’s amazing love for them. And look at what my children left on my computer for me… “You’ve been racked” (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) and a pan of toy cookies. So sweet!
card to widowcookie sheet rackedcookies racked_3
Day 11: For today, we donated to Women at Risk International to fight human trafficking. We often don’t think about it here in America but all around the world women and children are sold, used, and abused. The stories are horrific. As much as I wish it didn’t exist, I can’t pretend that it doesn’t. These precious lives need our prayer and our resources at the least. There are many areas you can choose to donate to within WAR int’l and we chose P4WB...
“Pray for WAR Babies (P4WB) is the heart-torn war cry from WAR, Int’l in response to an unimaginable horror: baby trafficking. Around the world, the faces of trafficking are children, beginning in the cradle with babies sold for as little as $25. WAR, Int’l is passionate about being a mother to the motherless and protecting babies from those who would harm them. When you join us, you spare these little ones from a life of horror. They can be tucked into cradles of safety and hear the stories of Jesus sung to them. They can grow up to be the beautiful, loving human beings God intended them to be. While P4WB is a part of our Emergency 911 fund, all money donated to P4WB goes towards prevention, rescue, and healing programs intended specifically for children. By collecting coins to fill a baby bottle, you and your children help rescue children around the world.”http://warinternational.org/get-involved/


Day 12 & 13: We’ve done several fun things this weekend! First we snuck over to a friends house and put a yard sign in her yard (I think we picked someone that wouldn’t mind and would actually like it). Then we spent 3 hours making 70 homemade egg rolls. Whew, what a chore! Everyone helped so it went quick… ahem maybe not! We took some of these and some other snacks to a Mom that just had a new baby! We also divided up our stack of Christmas cards and prayed for each person we had a card for, so precious to hear my children pray for friends and family. We also stopped at a laundr-o-mat and left some quarters in some slots of washing machines along with notes! One more stop last night to Wal-Mart and we were able to talk with a cashier and leave her with a little book I had in my purse, Caden was brave for handing it to her and speaking up to tell her Merry Christmas. (If you’re wondering why my sweet little girl is in a boy’s sweater vest… I told everyone to dress a little warm for the parade we were going to. Biggest brother Alex wanted to help Emily get dressed and decided that all 4 of them should match by wearing sweater vests. They were so excited and happy about it, I just let her wear it. Didn’t want to squish their excitement and how they bonded over that). Merry Christmas!
DSCN2013_3DSCN2015_4DSCN2057_7 DSCN2058_6 DSCN2055_8

Also just thought I’d share a family thing we did… Thanks to Todd Wilson (The FamilyMan), our family had a special evening the other night! We played his board game “To Bethlehem” where you have to find your way to baby Jesus. Along the way there are family discussion cards (like, what is your favorite Christmas tree ornament and why, what’s the best gift you’ve ever received, sing your favorite Christmas carol, and more!) One of our favorite things on the board was putting a towel on your head to be a shepherd! Here is a picture of Dada with a kitchen towel on his head! Afterwards, thanks to the Familyman Ministry idea in the “You ‘Da Dad” 2014 calendar, Dada camped out under the Christmas tree with the kids. Oh, the excitement! They had so much fun! Both the “To Bethlehem” game and the 2015 calendar are for sale on their website! http://store.familymanweb.com/products-p…/featured-products/


Some other recent pictures of our fam…
DSCN1997_1 DSCN2038_2 DSCN2023_1 DSCN2018_5

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  1. Michelle says:

    I FINALLY got a chance to be a Christmas Warrior for Reece’s Rainbow! It FINALLY worked. Those sweet babies are so precious. Thank you for giving me the flier. I never would have known about this AWESOME opportunity.

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